Friday, February 13, 2015

Dunce Cap Award: David Moore and Jesse Jackson

There is dumb, and, then, there is dumb.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, seizing an opportunity to get back in the national spotlight, tried to play the race card in the Jackie Robinson West Little League scandal. Not only were the Chicago Little Leaguers stripped of their World Series national title, but also a regional title that earned them the golden ticket to Williamsport six months ago. What Jackson sees, which few do, except maybe a few small minded folks in Chi-town, is that because this was an all-African-American team, and a very good one at that, based on what I saw last summer, cobbled together the way they were by adults with a win-at-all-costs mentality that included a willingness to bend and/or break Little League rules and regulations, that Little League International's decision, announced Wednesday morning, had racist overtones.

Guess what? It doesn't. Not in the slightest bit.

An executive from another Little League, whose all-star team was crushed by JRWLL, 43-2, waited until nearly 2 months after the fact to file a complaint with LLI. In December, the governing body decided no action would be taken, but more evidence came to light, leading to Wednesday's decision.

By politicizing the issue, Jackson has made the situation worse than it already is. The kids have gotten support from President Obama and a number of Chi-town sports stars, including Lance Briggs, Ryan Mundy, & Alshon Jeffrey of the Bears. They all realize the adults used these kids as pawns in a grand scheme that ultimately resulted in JRWLL losing in the title game. The adults should bear the blame alone, and, as I wrote on Wednesday, the kids have to endure the stigma of a label they don't deserve. They have to work extra hard at the next levels to regain lost credibility. Jackson should preach from his pulpit wearing a Dunce Cap, because, let's face it. His narrow vision doesn't let him see both sides of the story.

Now, we move west to Montana, and state senator David Moore, who wants to expand an existing indecent exposure law to prohibit wearing yoga pants in public.


In an era where women are commonly wearing tights, leggings, jeggings,  or stretch pants with skirts, and yoga pants fall into the latter category, I think, Moore wants to force them into wearing, say, jeans over the yoga pants. The way I see it, Moore is out of line. A Montana school has already stated that they don't consider tights, leggings, and jeggings to be in the same category as pants. The tights I can see, since they're really in the same category as nylon hose, but apparently Moore doesn't get out enough to recognize changing trends in fashion.

What I see is a moralist pushing his value system, hard, on his constituents, without regard to their personal interest. That doesn't make him a Weasel. Instead, he earns a Dunce Cap. As with Rev. Jackson, Senator Moore suffers from an acute case of tunnel vision. At this time of year, I can understand having to cover up, but I'd not be surprised if Senator Moron forced the women of his district to wear ski suits over their dresses and tights/yoga pants in order to get to their jobs. He's that out of touch.

As long as we're at it, we'll add one more Dunce Cap, to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, for taking a pass on penalizing Knicks owner James Dolan for his acid-laced e-mail to Irving Bierman. Dolan, the worst sports owner in New York, if not the entire country, has, along with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, has redefined what it means to be out of touch with his fan base. Silver, paying no attention to the firestorm created before the Super Bowl of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell visiting with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, a political ally, wants to stay on Dolan's good side, I get that. Problem is, Dolan doesn't have a good side, if you follow media reports about his mishandling of the Knicks or his other interests, including Cablevision. Nearly a year after forcing Donald Sterling to sell the Clippers, Silver should be similarly putting on a full court press on Dolan to change the way he runs his team, or risk being forced out. Period. If he doesn't, the media will assume he's in Dolan's pocket, not that it would help the Knicks any, since Dolan doesn't know diddly about basketball at all, and Silver, nearly a year into his administration, needs to create his own identity. It's time he reinforces that, and not a second later.


magicdog said...

Re: Jesse Jackson and the LL scandal, I am not surprised. I about counted back from three when it was announced the title was to be stripped. I also heard the person who lodged the complaint was the recipient of death threats. The kids obviously weren't in on it, but the parents and coaches/recruiters were. I'm glad however that for once rules are being enforced and punishment meted out accordingly. Trouble is that means the NV team should have won and this victory is rather hollow.

As for the yoga pants issue, while I agree making it illegal to wear them is a bit much, I can sympathize with David Moore. Yoga pants were never meant to be worn beyond one's home or yoga studio. Far too little is left to the imagination (camel toe anyone?) for the women who wear them. I just widh the women themselves had the sense to know that.

hobbyfan said...

The way I see it, if the ladies insist on wearing them on the street, simply sub them for the usual stretchies and wear socks & sneakers. Who'd know the diff?