Thursday, September 3, 2015

2015 NFL Forecast

I haven't watched much preseason football, so we're just going to roll the dice.



1. New England. Crybaby Brady's been exonerated in the DeflateGate debacle, so he'll have a bigger than usual chip on his shoulder, more arrogant than usual, and that's trouble for the rest of the league.

2. Buffalo. Rex Ryan has changed teams, but the quest to unseat the Evil Empire remains futile.
3. Jets. Todd Bowles came from Arizona to pick up Rex's mess, but it won't be enough.
4. Miami. Just because.


1. Cincinnati.
2. Baltimore.
3. Pittsburgh.
4. Cleveland.


1. Indianapolis.

2. Tennessee. They cut ex-Jet Shonn Greene, but will still be in play for a Wild Card.
3. Houston.
4. Jacksonville.

1. Denver. Ho-hum. Federal marshals will be at Invesco when the Evil Empire comes in for a primetime game, just in case the Patriots try something stupid.

2. Oakland.
3. Kansas City. Andy Reid's running out of magic.
3 (tie). San Diego. Is this Philip Rivers' last run?



1. Philadelphia. Tortilla Chip Kelly is slowly turning the Eagles into Oregon East. Too bad he couldn't draft Marcus Mariota (Tennessee).
2. Giants. Big Blue will nose out the Jones Boys for a Wild Card.
3. Dallas.
4. Washington. This year, we'll just call them the Congressionals.

1. Green Bay. Ho-hum.
2. Minnesota.
2 (tie). Detroit.
4. Chicago.


1. New Orleans.
2. Carolina.
3. Tampa Bay. Jameis Winston will get his act together---but not in time for the playoffs.
4. Atlanta.


1. Seattle. Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, & Co. will be hungering for revenge for letting the Patriots escape in the Super Bowl.
2. Arizona.
3. St. Louis.
4. San Francisco. Too many losses on the defense, plus swapping out Frank Gore for Reggie Bush, will hurt the Niners.

Of course, I could be wrong.

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