Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Forgotten TV: Night Stand w/Dick Dietrick (1995)

Judge Judy would never have made it to air without Night Stand with Dick Dietrick.

It's true. Night Stand, which ran for four seasons in syndication and on E!, was the first series produced by Big Ticket Television, which also packages Judge Judy, which, I believe, has been on the air about 15 years or so, and we'll review that down the line.

Night Stand parodied tabloid television, and at least two of the shows it skewered, Jerry Springer & Maury, are still on the air, 16 years after Night Stand ended its run, so what does that tell you?

Co-creator Tim Stack played series host Dick Dietrick, whose show-opening monologues were riddled with malaprops, which were worth easy laughs. Springer even appeared as a guest on the show, just to show he's a good sport. Silly fun.

Following is a sample episode.

You'd think the reruns would still be available on cable (are you reading this, Comedy Central?), but nope. A year after Night Stand ended, Stack returned with the Howard Stern-produced Baywatch satire, Son of the Beach, which we'll also cover another time.

Rating: B-.

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