Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dumb Donald passes the buck on the birthers

"Dumb Donald is really dumb...."---Gene Rayburn, Match Game, during the 70's.

After being accosted by a dimwitted birther wannabe recently, at which point he didn't agree or disagree with the man's notion that President Obama is a Muslim, "Dumb" Donald Trump is playing pass the buck by claiming that it was no less than Hillary Rodham Clinton who supposedly started the birther movement 7 years ago when she & Obama were running against each other for the Democratic nomination.

Had "Swillary" actually raised any issues about the then-Senator Obama's birth then, it would've been major headlines for days. But, no, only a few stragglers in the Clinton campaign formed their own opinions. For some reason, perhaps to distance himself from a sinking ship like the birther movement, Dumb Donald decided to blame Clinton, expecting the media to play along. As usual, Trump is throwing everything out there now, but it will avail him naught.

Two of his potential primary opponents, former Texas governor Rick Perry, and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, have withdrawn from the race, and it won't surprise anyone if Dumb Donald finally runs out of stupid things to say that would have his personal army of dittoheads genuflecting before him, and drops out, too. He's not going to be President, and neither will "Swillary". It just isn't going to happen. You'd have a better chance of buying stock in Western Union than seeing either piece of tabloid bait get nominated. As the Republican "clown car" slowly empties, we'll separate the real contenders from the pretenders, like Trump.

And, just like in 2008, the media presumes too early on Hillary as the Democratic candidate.  Someone will come along, like Obama, and blow right past Clinton, who has way more baggage than Dumb Donald, anyway. Just watch. It will happen again.


magicdog said...

It's well known in political circles that the Clintons and the Obamas despise each other. Hillary was pissed when Obama got the support of the Dem Machine and not her. Yes, IMO she DID float those "birther" rumors. I remember when they first surfaced.

Trump, meanwhile is one smart cookie and short of a political assassination, I think he could very well win the Presidency. His popularity continues to grow despite all the other outlets (even so called conservative" ones) trying to dismiss them. Donald is surging because he's not PC (a godsend for anyone running for office these days) and he's actually offered at least some solutions - though I have yet to hear more. I also love the fact that he really can't be bought - he doesn't need PACs to raise money - he has plenty of his own to do what must be done - and he isn't afraid to shoot the sherbert! People like candidates with a spine.

hobbyfan said...

Trump doesn't need PAC's, that's true, but I've been saying all along that he's shooting all his bullets too soon, and could be out of ammo well before the GOP convention next summer. Swillary thinks she's entitled to be President just because her husband had two terms in the 90's, and had the youth vote in the palm of his hand, back when Empty-V actually was worth a rat's butt. I reiterate my past point that Swillary and Dumb Donald won't be around come next summer, as both will fail.