Friday, September 4, 2015

On DVD: Don't Look Back (1967)

In 1967, D. A. Pennebaker directed folk icon Bob Dylan and friends in "Don't Look Back", a documentary that covered Dylan's 1st major overseas tour. Fellow folk singer Joan Baez is along for the ride. It'd be easy to just pop in a video of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and go from there, but the proper video is not available on YouTube presently.

Anyway, "Back" is a travelogue of Dylan & Baez's tour, with some behind the scenes footage. On a lark, I got it at a tag sale a few weeks back, then struggled to stay awake watching it. Oy!

Roughly translated, if you're not into Dylan, this may not be for you, unless you're willing to take a premature nap. The clip available has Dylan doing some Hank Williams Sr. covers.....

There are those of us who mock Dylan now, but there are reasons why he sometimes doesn't sound so coherent.

Rating: C.

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