Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Classic Reborn: You Don't Say (1975, 1978)

Seeing the success Goodson-Todman enjoyed by reviving and revamping Match Game into a star-driven panel show, producer Ralph Andrews decided to do the same with You Don't Say. Like Match Game, You Don't Say started on NBC in the 60's (1963-9), but the revival landed first at ABC for 5 months in 1975, hosted, as before, by Tom Kennedy.

Then, in 1978, Andrews landed a deal to put Say in first-run syndication, with some alterations to the adjusted format. 4 celebrities, instead of 6 on Match, provided the clues for contestants. Take a look at a sample show from November 1978, and you'll see how challenging it really is. Jim Peck serves as host.

Some might think that Heatter-Quigley's To Say The Least, which Kennedy hosted on NBC some months earlier, was derivative of You Don't Say, but in truth, it had its own gimmick, not that it worked.

Rating: C.

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