Thursday, September 10, 2015

Remember Edgar Kennedy?

In the 70's, while Laurel & Hardy and Our Gang (aka The Little Rascals) were in syndication practically everywhere, some markets featured RKO shorts featuring Leon Errol or our next subject, Edgar Kennedy.

Kennedy had moved to RKO from the Hal Roach studio in 1930. With Roach, Kennedy acted opposite Laurel & Hardy and Our Gang, and also directed a pair of L & H silents, and additional shorts for Charley Chase and The Boyfriends. At RKO, Kennedy got to headline his own series, The Average Man, until his passing in 1948. WSBK in Boston carried the Kennedy & Errol shorts, usually on weekday afternoons before 1st run syndicated cartoons became the in thing in the 80's.

Keep an eye out for Kennedy's trademark "slow burn" in "Mutiny in the County", from 1940.

Kennedy also had some dramatic roles on his resume, and before turning to acting, had boxed and was a singer. Like, who knew.

I never saw "Mutiny in the County", that I can recall, and I can barely remember seeing any of the others. For that reason, we'll forego a rating this time.


Samuel Wilson said...

People are most likely to remember Kennedy as the street vendor tormented by Chico and Harpo in Duck Soup, but he gave good entertainment whenever he turned up.

hobbyfan said...

What about Kennedy the Cop? I think that was either Our Gang or Laurel & Hardy. Vastly underrated, y'think?