Friday, November 18, 2016

A Classic Reborn (?): Zorro & Son (1983)

Disney gave Zorro one more shot in 1983. However, instead of an action series, they opted for a sitcom.

Zorro & Son lasted just 5 weeks, as viewers felt insulted that Johnston McCulley's legendary hero was reduced to a comedy act, like Batman before him nearly 20 years earlier. Henry Darrow (ex-The High Chaparral), who had voiced Zorro in an animated series a year and a half earlier, actually donned the black costume this time, as Don Diego is now joined by his son, Don Carlos (Paul Regina). Gregory Sierra (ex-Barney Miller, Sanford & Son) was the villainous Paco Pico, and the supporting cast also included comedy legend Bill Dana as a Don Diego's faithful valet, Bernardo, and fast-talking commercial pitchman John Moschitta, Jr..

Here's the intro:

Yes, Disney recycled the theme from the original Zorro, but whatever possessed them to try to do this as a comedy?

No rating. Never saw the show.

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