Thursday, November 17, 2016

Classic TV: Suspense (1949)

One of radio's best known drama series, Suspense, made the transition to television in 1949 as a mid-season replacement, and lasted five years total (six seasons), ending in 1954.

As with the radio version, Suspense adapted the works of noted authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, and, as we'll soon see, Robert Louis Stevenson, and also adapted radio productions for television. The anthology format attracted future stars such as Brian Keith, as well as a pre-Superman George Reeves, who up to that time was best known for appearing in "Gone With The Wind".

Right now, let's take a look at Suspense's adaptation of Stevenson's The Suicide Club, or at least one portion of that three-part cycle. We previously reviewed the DVD of a 1960 NBC production of that same story.

Ralph Bell had also appeared in an adaptation of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde during the 1st season.

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