Sunday, November 13, 2016

Classic TV: Lamp Unto My Feet (1948)

Lamp Unto My Feet was one of CBS' first programs, and ran for more than 30 years (1948-79) before it and its companion series, Look Up & Live, were merged together under the title, For Our Times, which ran for 9 years (1979-88). Like its contemporaries from the 50's, such as Insight and The Christophers, Lamp was an anthology series, albeit produced by CBS News for much of its run. Some episodes were scripted dramas, such as the one we're going to show you below, others were news documentaries.

Since both Lamp and Look, along with Camera Three, which we discussed recently, were blacked out in my area for much of my youth, I cannot rightfully grade the show. For now, let's take a look at the play, "The Golden Book", which counts among its stars character actors Reni Santoni (in an early role) and Malachi Throne, later of It Takes a Thief.

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