Saturday, November 12, 2016

Remember Mean Mary Jean (who wasn't so mean)? (1974)

Chrysler Corporation's Dodge & Plymouth divisions launched an ad campaign in 1974 that introduced America to a tomboy named Mean Mary Jean (Judy Strangis, ex-Room 222), who appeared in commercials for the company's Duster & Road Runner cars. As memory serves, I think she also did some radio ads with the Dodge Boys for the truck line. Unfortunately, the ads available on YouTube, such as the one appearing below, have Judy appearing with no dialogue.

Two years later, Judy would return to television, co-starring in the cult favorite Electra Woman & Dyna Girl segment of Krofft Supershow with Diedre Hall (Days of Our Lives), and acting as a commercial spokesperson for Mattel's Barbie line of products.


ramjet637 said...

In radio spots and other t.v. ads she had a theme song/jingle.
"They call her Mean Mary Jean, superstar of our team. She's our
Chrysler Plymouth girl, you know what we mean."

hobbyfan said...

I was thinking of finding one of those radio spots initially, but so far, nothing.