Monday, November 21, 2016

Weasel of the Week: Kanye West

What kind of person in his/her right mind would make an audience wait 90 minutes or better before going out on stage to perform, then stop the show after a stream-of-(un)consciousness rant about perceived slights and other garbage?

Who else but Kanye West, who most assuredly isn't in his right mind.

West, who has claimed he would run for President in 2020, brought an abrupt halt to a recent show in Sacramento after just 3 songs, and wasted everyone's time to rant on Beyonce & Jay Z, Facebook, etc., and claimed that had he voted two weeks ago, he would've cast his ballot for Donald Trump. Sad to say, he makes the President-elect look sane by comparison. Like, doesn't this dimwit know anything about absentee ballots? Does he even care?

West dropped the mic after his rant, and declared the concert was over. Ticketmaster actually did something noble, and refunded fans who attended the show. Now, there's a report out that says West is cancelling all remaining tour dates in support of his new CD, "Saint Pablo". Fellow rapper Snoop Dogg went so far as to suggest that West might actually be on something, and went so far as to say that marijuana, which Snoop has championed, doesn't make a person behave the way West does. Oh? I don't think Snoop's met enough people.....!

The tour was supposed to hit Albany right before Christmas, I believe, and if the report about a cancellation is true, the folks at Times Union Center would be wise not to book West again. At least not until he takes a full psychiatric examination. This week's Weasel, a repeat offender more so than Trump and Vince McMahon put together, needs to be locked away in a rubber room, preferably with perhaps the only person who might get him---ESPN's resident idiot, Stephen A. Smith, and a steady diet of beef jerky.

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