Thursday, July 13, 2017

Celebrity Rock: Somebody's Gonna Pay (2013)

She's back with WWE now, but when Mickie James left in 2010, she sought to pursue a career in country music. She had already begun work on a CD, so the stories went, but WWE wasn't willing to support her venture. That fall, she signed with TNA, and of course they got behind her debut album, "Strangers & Angels".

Three years later, James went back in the studio, and recorded "Somebody's Gonna Pay". The title cut may be her strongest track yet. The video features future husband Nick "Magnus" Aldis, and former WWE rival Trish Stratus, who plays a bartender.

During her TNA tenure, Mickie also appeared, along with wrestler James Storm, on one of Cowboy Troy's CD's. She released a new single last year, but not a full album.

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