Sunday, July 30, 2017

Now, this is how you make your boss look bad (What's My Line?, 1967)

On July 16, 1967, near the end of What's My Line?'s CBS run, Mark Goodson sat in on the panel with regulars Bennett Cerf and Arlene Francis and guest panelist Sue Oakland. The "mystery challenger" segment saw 4 more Goodson-Todman MC's challenge Goodson and the panel. Password's Allen Ludden, Gene Rayburn (Match Game), Bud Collyer (To Tell The Truth), and Ed McMahon (Snap Judgment). 2 CBS hosts and 2 NBC hosts. Announcer Johnny Olsen puts in a cameo at the end after the game ends.

Not mentioned, of course, was the fact that Collyer (the voice of Superman) and McMahon (The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson) had other gigs at that time as well, as it wasn't pertinent to the subject matter. One wonders if Goodson, being a good sport, gave all 4 MC's a slight pay raise......

Rating: A.

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