Thursday, July 13, 2017

Family Feud goes to the mat (1990)

The original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was nearing its end in 1990. WCW was still a part of the National Wrestling Alliance. Somehow, some way, the two groups would meet---on Family Feud.

Then-host Ray Combs was a wrestling fan, such that he would make an appearance later on at the Survivor Series, which ultimately led to a World Wrestling Federation cross-over with its short-lived sister promotion, the World Bodybuilding Federation. Here, however, a NWA-WCW team, led by then champion Sting takes on a team from GLOW, captained by co-founder Jackie Stallone.

Original host Richard Dawson never had to deal with any of this. There would be a rematch, with a different WCW team featuring Sid Vicious and Dutch Mantel vs. GLOW, and WWE & TNA would also have weeks to themselves during the Steve Harvey (current) era. You wonder, then, if ABC would persuade NBC, whose cable sister, USA, has TV rights to the WWE today, to let current WWE stars appear on Celebrity Family Feud......

Rating: None. Didn't see it the first time.

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