Monday, July 3, 2017

President Trump vs. the Media----only in his warped mind

When you're elected to public office, you expect to hear it from all sides, positive or negative. It comes with the territory.

President Donald Trump doesn't understand that being the Chief Executive of the entire country means curbing his ego and not taking offense to criticism at every turn. He's accused CNN and other media outlets of "fake news", as if CNN's chief rival, Fox News Channel, isn't biased itself, and some might think it is.

Trump's meritless accusations are only getting worse when illustrated through videos, especially one that a Reddit user and Trump dittohead posted on Sunday. You've probably seen it already, I'm sure. A 10 year old video of Trump taking down WWE Chairman and fellow nutcase Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23, edited to fit the CNN logo over McMahon's head, surfaced, and has made the rounds.

A year ago, Inside Edition did a puff piece on then-candidate Trump, which included the actual WrestleMania footage, including an interview with wrestler Bobby Lashley, now with Global Force Wrestling (Formerly TNA/Impact Wrestling).

So, what is the President's point? He doesn't trust the media, the same news media that has covered him since his emergence on the national scene as a NYC businessman more than 30 years ago. Trump should just let go of his childish Twitter tantrums and go about his business as a President should, instead of picking fights for no other reason than to feed his own scarred ego.

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