Friday, August 14, 2009

NFL=New Found Life

Michael Vick has done his time for his involvement in a dogfighting ring that got him suspended from the NFL 2 years ago. He has been a hot topic this preseason because there has been speculation on where he'd play next, since the Atlanta Falcons officially released him while he was still in prison.

So, on Thursday night, it came as a major shock that Vick, the once celebrated quarterback out of Virginia Tech, had signed a 1 year deal, with an option for a 2nd year, with the Philadelphia Eagles. Originally, the Eagles were one of the teams that had zero interest in Vick, but that was before backup QB Kevin Kolb, a 3rd year pro, went down with an injury. Former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy, serving as an advisor to Vick, had stated on NBC on Sunday that Vick would sign with a team this week. It took just 4 days for Dungy's prophecy to come true.

Vick won't be eligible to play in a regular season game until after the first six weeks of the season, though he will see action in the last 2 pre-season games. However, not everyone in Philadelphia is on board with this decision. ESPN ran some audio clips of fans calling the local radio affiliate. The reaction there is mixed. On the other hand, the radical zealots of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have promised protests. What else is new with those clowns? They can't let it go. The man has done his time, paid his debt to society, etc., and yet they insist on persecuting him? It's all about leeching some publicity for themselves. That's what groups like PETA are all about, really. They butt in where they don't belong, unwilling to accept the fact that Vick has paid for his sins. Maybe Dungy, a born again Christian, can locate PETA's home office and send them some Bibles.

Will Vick be enough of a difference for Philadelphia such that they could be players for the NFC East title? Maybe. Will this save his career? Probably. All a man ever needs is the opportunity to prove he can make up for mistakes already made. Michael Vick has that chance. All he needs is support and respect, not scorn. He'll be on 60 Minutes this weekend. Next stop? Probably The 700 Club.

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