Monday, January 16, 2012

Now, they're down to four

We are moving into the conference championship round of the NFL playoffs. Last chance to block the NFL's "evil empire" from reaching the Super Bowl. If you don't know what I mean, read on........

AFC Championship: Baltimore at New England.

On Saturday, the Patriots snapped a 3-game post-season losing streak by running up the score on Denver. The media has tried to suggest that Tom Brady was getting a little cranky going into the game. He didn't really have to be. All Brady did was throw 6 TD passes, 5 of them in the first half. The offensive line did what it usually does, which is get away with murder at home. Once it got to be 17-0, I just decided I wasn't watching. Someone, besides the team itself,  wants New England back in the Super Bowl, and the finger of blame can be pointed at the league and their advertising partners. 2 winters ago, the Ravens went into Gillette Stadium and upset the Pats, who, in my mind, get exactly what they deserve when they lose at home. They are the poster children for home team favoritism in the NFL, an image that needs to change immediately. Oh, sure, they screwed the Ravens over in the rematch the following regular season, also in Foxborough, because that's how they roll. However, their luck is about to run out.

I caught the last part of the Ravens-Texans game, and there was more drama in that game. The Patriots don't want drama unless it's on their terms. My vision now is Brady eating dirt, courtesy of Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, & friends. The Pats still have to pay penance for Spygate in '07, and, so, it's Ravens, 31-30.

NFC Championship: Giants at San Francisco.

A rematch from November. The resurgent 49ers ran New York out of the park last time, and, you think, this might be a rerun. The Giants took all of the drama out of their rematch with Green Bay in the 2nd half in upsetting the defending champions. If New York wins, they get a rematch with Baltimore or, heaven forfend, New England. 11 years ago, the Ravens won their only title at the expense of the Giants, and you know the Pats are looking for a receipt for a November loss at home. A reciept they ain't getting, by the way, not just yet. Speaking of receipts, the Giants collected one on the Pack, so maybe it's 2 in a row? Yep. Count me on the bandwagon. You get the feeling that the league wants to see a rematch from 4 years ago, football's answer to Yankees-Red Sox, but I disagree. I am thinking further back. New York meets Baltimore after knocking out the West champs, 38-30.

Of course, I could be wrong.


Samuel Wilson said...

Your NFC prophecy is correct so far, but how would you feel if someone from Wisconsin claimed that Green Bay lost because someone in the league or media wants the Giants in the Super Bowl? Sounds irrational, right? But I bet some people believe it after yesterday's game, yet given your attitude toward the Patriots (you traitor!) you'd have no right to criticize them.

hobbyfan said...

Look, I picked Green Bay and got burned. In fact, I went 0-2 on the NFC games this weekend. I picked New England to win, but I wasn't expecting them to pull the same run-up-the-score-and-embarass-the-new-darling-of-the-media BS they pulled last month. If/when New England loses, they get exactly what they deserve. The only other scenario that I can see comign out of championship weekend that makes sense is a rematch between San Francisco and Baltimore, with the two brothers coaching against each other for the 2nd time this season. That's the only feel-good story left in the NFL in 2011-12.