Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weasels of the Week: Penn State ticket scalpers

Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was laid to rest on Wednesday, but, aside from the Westboro Wackjobs attempting to use the solemn occasion to extend their 15 minutes, there were other ghouls looking to make some profit for themselves, showing absolutely no respect to the iconic coach and the school.

According to a wire service article appearing in today's Albany Times-Union, some scalpers attempted to resell free tickets for the funeral on eBay. The auction site pulled the offers off their site because it's a violation of their policy to resell free tickets. Now, you have to ask yourself, who would have the lack of decency, respect, and/or common sense to pull something like this? This wasn't the same as scalping tickets for a school sporting event, be it basketball or football, but rather, a funeral. These nothing-happening idiots have not been identified, and it may just as well be that we'll never know, because if their names appear in the paper, they'd only suffer further embarassment for their idiotic, self-serving endeavor.

We've designated a couple of "John Doe"s as Weasels before, so this is nothing new, but we're giving these idiots Dunce Caps as well for leaving their brains behind when they made this fool's errand.

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