Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Video Valentine: The One You Love (1982)

Mrgunick uploaded this clip, from Glenn Frey's first solo album, "No Fun Aloud", released in 1982.

"The One You Love" was the only major single to gain major airplay, peaking at #15 on the Hot 100. However, in sharp contrast, the video was rarely, if ever, seen on MTV back then.


magicdog said...

Poor Glen Fry didn't get much attention until he guested on Miami Vice (as a pilot) and featured his infamous, "Smuggler's Blues" song.

I remember he had another song that got a lot of airplay - "She's a Very Sexy Girl" that really had radio stations up in arms back in the day!

hobbyfan said...

Actually, "Sexy Girl" was the full title of that particular single.

I'd have thought he'd have gotten more attention before his "Vice" gig with "The Heat is On" being on the "Beverly Hills Cop" soundtrack.

magicdog said...

It was with "Heat Is On" when people started taking notice (I know I did), but "Smuggler's Blues" really set the mood for the era of cocaine fueled criminal adventure.

hobbyfan said...

Frey tried to parlay this into an acting career, but it didn't pan out so well. I'm going to be chasing that 1-&-done, South of Sunset, down the road.