Friday, July 6, 2012

Only in the South: Racism in the name of the Lord?

I just read this piece on Yahoo!, and had to share my thoughts.

Rev. Mel Lewis has been hosting a most peculiar conference this week in his home state of Alabama. The peculiarity? It's open only to "white Christians", which means "minority Christians", such as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc., are excluded. The signs of the Ku Klux Klan are present, such as flags and slogans defining white supremacy. They're planning a cross burning tonight, but billing it as----Get this!---a cross lighting.


Who is Lewis trying to fool? He claims this is for white Christians who feel they've been unfairly treated. Oh, please, give me a break. Lewis claims they're not breaking any laws or ordinances, but to preach under these conditions? Lewis says that those attending his little conference are "of the chosen race". Oh, stop the freakin' pain!!!! Understandably, the citizens of Winfield, Alabama are up in arms, and Mayor Wayne Silas told a local televisions station that the city "doesn't condone" what Lewis is doing. Amen, brother!

Event organizers, according to Yahoo!, claim the Klan is not sponsoring the event, and that Lewis' ministry, Christian Identity Ministries, is not a hate group. Right, and pigs will suddenly sprout wings and fly. There are warnings in the Bible of false preachers and phony doctrines, and this is about as phony as it gets. It surprises me that the wackos of Westboro Baptist in Kansas haven't joined the party, but, then, Lewis probably doesn't want them stealing his 15 minutes of fame.

I know I had handed out the Weasel of the Week award earlier this week, maybe too early, but it's not too late to add another Weasel, and that, Rev. Lewis, is you. God doesn't condone racism, and your exclusion of Christians of other races at your conference is just plain wrong, no matter how you dress it up!!!


magicdog said...

Heard anything on that convention of La Raza in Las Vegas this week?

hobbyfan said...

No, didn't really pay much attention. What I do know is La Raza is a Spanish phrase.

Just what exactly went on?