Monday, December 3, 2012

Countdown To Christmas: 12 Days of Christmas (1982)

SCTV's most popular segment had to be The Great White North, a parody of talk shows hosted by Bob & Doug McKenzie (Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas). In the early 80's, the McKenzie bros were just flat out everywhere, eh? A feature film, "Strange Brew", didn't exactly win over critics and moviegoers, but it's probably a guilty pleasure for anyone who's a true, loyal fan of the Second City troupe.

Prior to "Brew", however, was "The Great White North", the album, released in 1982. The album produced two novelty singles. The first, "Take Off", featured fellow Canadian Geddy Lee of Rush, and got tons of airplay on radio, though no video was ever made. There wasn't a video made for Bob & Doug's wacky take on "The 12 Days of Christmas", but some enterprising souls, identified at the beginning of the following video, decided to create their own version, complete with an animated Bob & Doug.

The most ironic thing of all is, nearly 30 years later, after a successful movie career ("Honey, I Shrunk The Kids", "Ghostbusters", etc.), Rick Moranis decided to turn his attention to----wait for it----country music. I kid you not. Heard about it on a VH1 special. I'll try to find a clip if available. Until then, scope out the McKenzies' "12 Days Of Christmas".

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