Friday, December 21, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: Last Christmas (1984)

The British pop duo Wham! had broken through big time in the US in 1984 with the album, "Make It Big". Capping off the year, Wham! released the single, "Last Christmas", which of course got tons of airplay on top 40 radio, and today would fit as a seasonal treat on adult contemporary channels or 80's-friendly oldies stations.

Of course, we know that Wham! called it quits a couple of years later, and George Michael went on to a solo career that started off hot, but, due mostly to legal issues, has tapered off in recent times. As for Andrew Ridgely, the silent half? One solo album, and then, nothing. Oh, well........

"Last Christmas" was uploaded by Wham!'s VEVO channel.

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