Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three more walk through death's door

To say that Death has been busy lately would be a gross understatement.

In Venezuela, they are mourning the passing of President Hugo Chavez. While he was a hero to the people of his native land, doing positive things like making social-economic changes to benefit the poor, he became an enemy of the US for siding with leaders in Iran. Understandably, newspaper editorials would be divided in discussing Chavez's legacy. He was 58 when he succumbed Tuesday to cancer.

Guitarist Alvin Lee was the driving force behind the rock group Ten Years After in the 60's & 70's, and was best known for "I'm Coming Home". Lee was 68 when he passed, also on Tuesday, due to health complications. Following is a live performance of "Slow Blues in C" from 1984, as posted by red3356:

Finally, wrestling personality William Moody, a mortician in his spare time, was better known as heel manager Percival "Percy" Pringle III in World Class and in Florida in the 80's. When one of his more famous charges, Rick Rude, signed with the then-World Wrestling Federation, he brought up Pringle to company high-ups, and in 1991, Moody got the call, but, with Vince McMahon mixing in Moody's side gig as a mortician, the portly manager was morphed into a Gomez Addams lookalike named Paul Bearer. Aside from an altogether too brief stint in TNA a decade ago, Moody finished his career in WWF/E. He, too, was 58 when he passed from health complications on Tuesday. A tribute video likely will be shown on WWE-TV starting if not on Friday, but Monday.

PlotsnTom uploaded this interview Percy Pringle gave to Bill Mercer in World Class in the 80's:

Rest in peace, gentlemen.

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