Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weasel of the Week: Ralph Napiersi

We're getting the Weasel ears out of the way early, because there's no way anyone tops this week's winner for the gall alone.

Ralph Napiersi thought he could get away with sneaking into a private conclave of Catholic cardinals in Rome, or, more specifically, Vatican City, as they are seeking to determine who will be the next Pope in the wake of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation for health reasons. Posing as a bishop of a phony Italian church and calling himself Basilius, Napiersi almost got in. However, according to a report posted on Yahoo!, someone noticed that Napiersi's cassock & crucifix were being worn a wee bit too short to seem legit. Napiersi was promptly booted from the building, but it seems as though we may not be done yet with this clown. Yahoo! uncovered a website that links Napiersi to a phony Catholic group that sounds like something out of "The DaVinci Code".

In other words, we're dealing with a guy who's got his priorities all wrong, though they may be in the right place.

However, Napiersi picked the wrong time to gain his 15 minutes of fame. The last thing they wanted was to have some outsider spoil things for them just to get his name in the paper. For that, Napiersi gets a pair of Weasel ears. Given his obsession, maybe we can tell him they were descended from Judas. Naaaaahhhhhh.

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