Monday, March 3, 2014

A Modern Classic: Win, Lose, or Draw (1987)

The classic game of charades, in its most basic form, using pantomime, didn't exactly work with modern audiences in the 70's, as demonstrated by the failures of Showoffs & Celebrity Charades.

Enter Burt Reynolds. The actor would have some of his Hollywood buddies visiting his home, where they'd play a different kind of charades, involving a pad and a pen. You had to guess, based on the developing drawing, just what it was. Thus was born the concept for Win, Lose, or Draw, which spent a couple of years on NBC's daytime lineup, and three seasons in syndication. Reynolds served as co-executive producer with Bert Convy (ex-Tattletales), who hosted the syndicated version for the first two seasons, before turning it over to Robb Weller (ex-Entertainment Tonight). The network version was piloted by actress Vicki Lawrence (Mama's Family) for the entirety of its run.

We bring this up for discussion today because the Disney Channel, which was home to a spin-off series for teens that ran from 1989-91, is reviving the series this week, using modern technology and gearing the new version for kids. We'll be reviewing Teen Win, Lose, or Draw over at Saturday Morning Archives later this week.

Edit, 8/4/22: Had to change the video. This 1988 offering is a Dobie Gillis-centric show with Dwayne Hickman, Bob Denver, and Connie Stevens.

Disney, you see, owns the rights to the series, which explains the revival, marking the 25th anniversary of the teen version.

Rating: B.

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