Monday, March 17, 2014

Musical Interlude: The Unicorn (1968)

Begorra! 'Tis St. Patrick's Day, lads & lassies, so why don't we mark the occasion with a track from one of the best known Irish bands of all time.

The Irish Rovers (later known simply as The Rovers) first made waves in the US in 1968 with the rousing tale of "The Unicorn". Their last foray on the charts came in the 80's with "Wasn't That a Party". There's live performances of the band, but those are more recent vintage, nothing from back in the 60's when "Unicorn" first came out. So, we have a clip with the record playing.

I wonder how many Irish pubs are playing this song on their jukeboxes today. If not this, then perhaps something from U2 or the Chieftains......

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