Friday, August 15, 2014

Westboro Baptist needs to just go away

This should come as no surprise.

The haterizers of Westboro Baptist Church are prepared to travel to San Francisco to do what they do best---make jackasses of themselves, pushing their hateful agenda of intolerance at a celebrity's funeral. This time, of course, it is Robin Williams who is the target. The actor's funeral is scheduled as a private affair on Monday, but the Westboro Idiots don't care. They see any opportunity to extend their 15 minutes, and they'll take it, even if it ends up with them backing off, as often happens. You really can't call them a church anymore. Their message doesn't qualify them as such. They're just bullies abusing their gifts that God had given them, and for what?

Fortunately, according to the Huffington Post, a peaceful non-profit group, which has a base directly across the road from Westboro's Topeka base, is planning to blunt the haters with a message of love. As we've documented previously, the Westboro doctrine is stuck somewhere in the Old Testament, and it seems as though they've never bothered to crack open the New Testament. These morons ignore all the charitable work that Williams did, including co-hosting Comic Relief with Billy Crystal & Whoopi Goldberg in the 80's, and prefers to trespass on what are supposed to be solemn affairs to push their agenda. It's a stale act that needs to just go away. Preferably yesterday.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News and other media outlets have been taken to task for their coverage, overblown as it is, of Williams' passing this week. I get they need to sensationalize things, but if that was mandatory, the weekly rags would have nothing to do, except make like a bunch of parrots. Bad enough that the supermarket tabloids have sunk so low, they'll need certification to make the New York Times' best-seller list, since almost all of their articles now are works of fiction. We're all saddened and stunned by the loss of a beloved icon, but let the guy rest in peace, ok?

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