Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classic TV (?): PDQ (1965)

PDQ was one of a fair number of game shows produced by Heatter-Quigley. It lasted 4 years in syndication (1965-9), co-produced by Four Star.

Dennis James served as host, with Gisele McKenzie (ex-Your Hit Parade) and Stubby Kaye, who had hosted H-Q's Shenanigans a year earlier, paired with contestants. I actually came across this episode on a website a number of years back, and thought this might be worth a few laughs.

A few years later, NBC & Heatter-Quigley would bring PDQ back, but under a new title, Baffle, and with sportscaster Dick Enberg (Sports Challenge) as host. Inevitably, after a few months, NBC tweaked the format and went with all celebrities in order to boost ratings. Didn't work. The concept has not been revisited again since, even though this is a game you could play with a dry erase board at a party.

Rating: B.

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