Friday, July 29, 2016

Classic TV: Three on a Match (1971)

After leaving Goodson-Todman Productions, Bob Stewart started his own production company, and, for the longest time, was working almost exclusively with NBC.

One of his more successful series was Three on a Match, one of the seemingly bazillion games hosted by Bill Cullen, whose association with Stewart began when both were at G-T (Stewart developed The Price is Right) in the 50's. While the title is based on a superstition that suggests three on a match representing bad luck, the game show was anything but bad luck, lasting nearly three full years.

Combining certain elements of Price and NBC's own Concentration, Three on a Match was actually a simple true-or-false quiz where a certain amount of cash won could be used on a prize board for bigger things.

Take this 1973 episode for example.

The show's format changed a month after this episode aired, and not for the better, as it was cancelled a year later.

Rating: A.

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