Monday, July 18, 2016

Classic TV: Tombstone Territory (1957)

Here's another Ziv Western that actually had a decent lifespan.

Tombstone Territory ran for 3 seasons (1957-60), the first two on ABC before moving to syndication for the 3rd and final season. Why ABC gave up on the show, I'll never know. As the title implies, the show was set in the legendary town of Tombstone, Arizona,  but you won't find Wyatt Earp here, or anyone else best associated with Tombstone.

No, the law is enforced by Sheriff Clay Hollister (Pat Conway), and, as such, it's a by-the-numbers Western series, The stories are told by Harris Claibourne (Richard Eastham), editor of the Tombstone Epitaph, from which the producers gained their source material. Advertising man Frank Packer wrote and sang the theme song.

In "Gun Hostage", from the 2nd season, Hollister is sure an escaped convict will hole up with his sister & brother-in-law. Well, you know how this will go......! Lee Van Cleef guest stars.

Today, Tombstone Territory airs weekdays on Get TV (check listings), virtually uncut, as Get offers a few extra minutes to compensate for extra commercial time in this day and age.

Rating: B.

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