Thursday, August 10, 2017

If at first you don't succeed: NBC orders another Munsters reboot

You'd think NBC would've learned after the failure of rebooting The Munsters as an hour-long drama, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, a few years back.

It seems that they only got part of the message.

Word from Hollywood now is that the network & Universal are trying again, this time going back to the sitcom format, but they're running the risk of duplicating another mistake.

Late Night host Seth Meyers is being tasked with putting the new Munsters together, but before we go any further, let's remind you of why it's a cherished classic:

What Meyers and Jill Kargman are planning is to transplant Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Eddie, & Marilyn across country, from California to Brooklyn. A very hipster Brooklyn.

Didn't NBC & Universal learn from earlier reboot mistakes? Apparently not. It wasn't so long ago that they sent Ironside to New York, too, in addition to flipping him from white to African American. I needn't remind you that Sony & ABC made the same mistake with Charlie's Angels, albeit moving from Cali to Miami. The common factor? Both of those reboots bombed.

Ever since the original Munsters ended in 1966, on CBS, every Munster project has gone anywhere but CBS. Now, of course, since NBC & Universal are components of Comcast, it makes perfect sense to leave the franchise with the peacock network now and forever. Problem is, taking away elements of what made the original series so special dilutes the reboot. Period.

To borrow a line from the chorus of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?", when will they ever learn?

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