Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vagrancy on Parade: Three Stooges in A Plumbing We Will Go (1940)

In many of their shorts, the Three Stooges have been portrayed as being down on their luck, usually as vagrants.

In 1940's "A Plumbing We Will Go", the boys beat the rap, just by sheer luck, after a judge clears them of raiding a chicken coop, this despite the fact that chicken feathers end up flying out of Curly's pocket. That leads the vindictive, embarrassed beat cop (Bud Jamison) to pursue the boys after they crash a medicine show.

The trail leads to the boys hijacking a plumber's unattended truck, and taking a job at a mansion. Of course, chaos follows.

Some of the gags would be re-used in later shorts, including the famous scene of Curly trapping himself in a cage made of pipes.

Rating: B+.

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