Friday, December 11, 2020

What Might've Been: Sons of Thunder (1999)

 Every now and again, a show gets cancelled because the network and/or producers have some money issues.

That's what happened with Sons of Thunder, a spin-off from Walker, Texas Ranger, which served as a spring replacement for Walker in March-April 1999, even though Walker (Chuck Norris, who served as an executive producer) appeared on the show. Norris and his brother, Aaron, thought they had a hit on their hands, but CBS suits passed, citing budget concerns. Only six episodes were produced, and have aired recently on INSP, among other places. Fans are hoping for a DVD release, just the same.

Let's take a look at the series opener, "Moment of Truth". Alan Autry (ex-Mama's Family, In The Heat of The Night) plays a bartender pal of the titular detectives.

The above came from an Autry fan channel.

No rating. Didn't see the show.

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