Thursday, August 8, 2013

Advertising For Dummies: Football on Your Phone (2013)

Just when you thought DirecTV and the Manning family could sink no lower, Peyton & Eli are at it again, this time dragging papa Archie along for the ride.

Last year, the brothers were given fairy wings alongside Deion Sanders, but while Peyton sleepwalked through his 2 ads, Eli was all in, hamming it up. DirecTV sacked the ad campaign after a few weeks, but it didn't prevent Eli from pretending to be a telepath in 2 ads for Toyota, or Peyton's spot for Buick airing a zillion times a week. This time, these two clowns want to rap.

Now, we all know Peyton is about as charismatic as a tree stump, the dullest athlete to star in commercials since Larry Bird 20 years ago, shilling for McDonald's with Michael Jordan. He & Eli have made some winners before, like their annoying series for Oreo cookies, but this is just wack. Like, they think pretending to be younger and wearing wigs is going to sell NFL Sunday Ticket on mobile phones? Judge for yourselves.


magicdog said...

I've seen this and I think it's funny. I'm not a hip hop fan or anything - and surprisingly I'm not a football or Manning fan either, but this just works!

Peyton I think it a bit better at acting than Eli - he was pretty good when he guested on SNL a While back. That whole family seems to have a great sense of humor and fun!

hobbyfan said...

But is it worth playing this ad into the ground, like they did with Peyton's Buick spot last year? You can only take it for so long before you get bored.