Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weasels of the Week: John & Jane Doe and Vince McMahon

We start today in Canada, particularly the Ontario province.

On Friday, the grandmother of 13-year-old Max Begley received an anonymous letter, presumably from a neighbor who was, as the writer signed the letter, "pissed off" about Max's behavior. You see, Max has autism. His mother, Kara, according to reports, suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS), and thus has Max spend his mornings with his grandmother.

The letter-writer simply wishes Max nothing but ill will, demanding that the Begleys move him into a wooded area, or, worse, have him euthanized. The outpouring of support for the Begley family has been nothing short of tremendous, according to reports I've read. Max can't help what he does. Unfortunately, the writer doesn't understand thing one about autism. One poster responding to an account in the New York Daily News suggests that the writer be charged with a hate crime, and recommends sensitivity training. I'll go along with that, and add a set of Weasel ears for "Jane Doe".

Our next stop is sunny California.

WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon earns another set of Weasel ears for his ham-handed booking at Sunday's Summerslam PPV. Why? Well.......

The main event saw John Cena defend vs. Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson). Champ & challenger were both featured on the company's new reality show, Total Divas, as the significant others du jour of the Bella Twins, Brie & Nikki (Brianna & Nicole Garcia), and speculation was the twins would be part of the main event. Didn't happen, which, in hindsight, may not have been a good idea, because I would've taken the twins' shenanigans over what did happen. Bryan won the title, as Cena is taking leave for an elbow injury that will likely sideline him for the rest of the year at the most.

Randy Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank case at Bryan's expense, 20 months after Bryan had done the same to the Big Show at the TLC event in December 2011. However, that wasn't the story. Triple H, assigned as the guest ref, turned on Bryan and laid him out, leaving him vulnerable for Orton to claim the title. That's not really the problem.

The problem, of course, continues to be McMahon himself, refusing to do the right thing for business, and turning his son-in-law, and daughter Stephanie, against the fans just because he thinks he can get away with it. His business model is damaged beyond repair, and he refuses to allow for an advocate to offset his corrupt administrators (Brad Maddox on Monday Night Raw and the ever-annoying, ever-present (unfortunately) Vickie Guerrero on Friday Night Smackdown).

The correct scenario is having someone come along to expose the truth about Vince, and have him removed from office, at least in storyline. Rumors have him being the hero come Wrestlemania 30, but in truth, he is no hero. He's a Weasel.

Finally, back at home, another John Doe has damaged an Uncle Sam statue. Again, there is no motive known for the attempt at stealing or destroying the "Uncle Symphony" statue outside the Troy Music Hall. As long as these brazen fools remain at large, the other statues will be targeted, either by the same people or other copycats. While security cameras are being installed at various points in downtown, these lowlifes work under the cover of darkness. No responsibility is ever taken, and we're past the point of assuming it's just a few drunken idiots out carousing and taking dares, as I'd surmised before. Instead, someone with a hateful agenda against the city is going after these statues. If they're trying to steal, it may be to cut the statues down to scrap to sell for profit. Either way, these Weasels must be held accountable, preferably yesterday.


magicdog said...

I had heard about that nasty letter and am appalled! To demand a parent euthanize a child - especially a special needs child is just plain evil! S/he is probably some "enlightened" intellectual who thinks all people who aren't "perfect" should be purged from God's earth.

My sister is a special ed teacher and has worked with autisics. Yes it is a challenge trying to reach some of them, but you know that going in.

If it were my kid, I'd track down the person who wrote the letter and have THEM euthanized!

hobbyfan said...

Here's a better idea. Jenny McCarthy, who is or has just joined "The View", has an autistic child, and I believe wrote a book about dealing with autism. Send her to Canada (her haters would love it) and have her locate this loser.