Saturday, August 24, 2013

Videos of Summer: Glory Days (1984-5)

The late George Steinbrenner, when he owned the New York Yankees, was known as "The Boss". His tyrannical, publicity-addicted method of operation has been passed down, not to his sons, Hank & Hal, but to WWE's head nutjob, Vince McMahon, who was a friend of George's back in the day.

Meanwhile, the Mets could count on a "Boss" of their own among their fans.

How else to explain a clip of Dwight Gooden in action during the video for Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days", one of the last singles to come out of his 1984 album, "Born in the USA"?

At the end of the clip, Bruce references giving up a game winning hit to Graig Nettles, who at the time was with San Diego, having long since left the "Bronx Zoo". The video comes from Springsteen's VEVO channel:


magicdog said...


I've never been a fan of Springsteen's - he had a rep in NY for being a 24 karat phony!

He never lived that "blue collar" lifestyle he claims to have come up from and much of what he's said and done in the media has only served to annoy me!

Even "Born in The USA" is a jerk- written song that shouldn't be played on Independence Day!

hobbyfan said...

Hey, what's wrong with a little patriotism?

Not sure about the "24K phony" stuff, but then, when you consider Empty-V actually recruited kids from Da 5 Boros to fill out the cast of Jersey Shore..........

magicdog said...

Listen to the lyrics carefully.. the song isn't about what's right with being born in the USA.

Springsteen always claimed to have been born on the wrong side of the tracks and claimed it was his inspiration for the music he made.

Except he grew up in an affluent Jersey suburb - had everything he wanted and more! I don't have a problem with the silver spoon crowd, but the least he could do is be honest about it, rather than spin a yarn.

hobbyfan said...

Lost amidst the background noise, eh?