Friday, August 16, 2013

If you don't like Uncle Sam, just say so------don't deface the statues!

They say that "haters gotta hate". So why pick on "Uncle Sam"?

Earlier this year, the hometown politicos commissioned a series of statues in the image of "Uncle" Sam Wilson, a Troy native who has long become a national symbol. When the statues were first unveiled in the spring, of course they were a tourist attraction. I can actually say I saw someone posing next to a statue to have pictures taken before going home from college for the summer. In the course of the last couple of months, three of the statues have had their heads removed. One's been repaired, a second head was stolen, and a third was discovered with its head separated from its body and sent to the repair shop. A couple of others have had relatively lesser injuries. One, I read, had a leg broken, and that's since been repaired.

The first idiot that beheaded a Uncle Sam was promptly arrested that same night. While no motive was ever established, let us assume that the perp, a guy from Watervliet, had been out carousing. You can pretty much guess the rest. Considering he was busted around 3 am in the morning, well........!

The other pudding-heads who decided to copy this act of idiocy are still at large as of this writing. The longer it takes for the police to locate these brainless boobs, more statues will be attacked. The likely cause in each case has to be, as was the case with the first incident, that the perp(s) is (are) drunk and/or stoned and have no rational idea of what they're doing. Haven't they heard of security cameras? Tapes from some of those cameras are being checked to ascertain the identity of the fools responsible. Instead of putting the clowns in jail, I recommend strapping them to a chair at the nearest vacant building, put a TV in there, and leave it on an endless loop of those equally idiotic GEICO commercials. You know, including the one with the talking camel.

Forrest Gump said that "stupid is as stupid does". Man, does that ever ring true.

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