Sunday, August 4, 2013

Of Dunces & Weasels

The sad, sickening story of Alex Rodriguez just won't end.

Rodriguez, reportedly, will be activated by the Yankees on Monday, despite the fact that there are reports already in the media that the defiant pariah will be hit with a suspension covering more than 200 games. Meaning, A-Roid will be out of action until early 2015 unless the Yankees make the playoffs either this year or next. Rodriguez, for his part, is unwilling to negotiate any sort of deal with Major League Baseball, and has been portrayed as being more concerned about his bank account than his being held accountable to the game, his team, and his dwindling fan base.

I posed this question in responding to a blog post at Sports Card Forum. Since Rodriguez's former agent, Scott Boras, no saint himself, given how he's fleeced so many teams to feather his own nest (and the only reason for that is that his primary vocation as a lawyer ain't paying the bills, and he wants to recoup lost revenues he could've had as a player himself), negotiated the initial contract, which he & A-Roid voided after the '07 season via a stupid opt-out clause, shouldn't he be held accountable for not warning Rodriguez about the PED's? I would think so.

Rodriguez picks up another set of Weasel ears for defying Major League Baseball. Allan "Potato Bud" Selig would be well served to just throw the book at Rodriguez, with no chance of appeal, much less parole, and we'd be rid of this selfish goof forever.

Yankee owners Hal & Hank Steinbrenner, however, get Dunce Caps for even dreaming of letting A-Roid play for them again. To think that he could help the moribound offense at this stage now is a pipe dream at best. A playoff spot is a longshot at present.

There must be something in the waters at all of the colleges in Florida. A-Roid went to Miami, which already has a tarnished reputation that not even its most famous alumnus, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, can clean. Florida is quickly catching up, if recent media reports are to be believed.

Just when you thought ex-Gators Tim Tebow & Aaron Hernandez were going to be reunited in New England, well, you know how that went, with Hernandez getting busted on suspicion of murder and getting cut by the Patriots the same day. Hernandez, like Rodriguez, has been defiant, and is claiming innocence, in a letter to a fan that was leaked to the media the other day. However, that ain't the only problem in Gainesville when it comes to alumni.

A 3rd ex-Gator, Riley Cooper, was in the news this week when a video of him uttering a racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert went viral. Chesney, reportedly, has blasted Cooper, right along with one of the receiver's own Philadelphia Eagles teammates, and a number of others. Yahoo! is reporting today that Cooper told team officials he was being threatened before the video went viral. Cooper has taken a leave of absence from the team and likely is bound for a sensitivity training course, which would be the best thing he's done in an otherwise non-descript NFL career.

Chalk up a Dunce Cap for Cooper, because he should've realized that there's always going to be someone with a camera-phone looking to create a story...........

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