Friday, August 23, 2013

Of missing heads and potentially bad ideas

The Record, my hometown paper, reports today that the missing head of "Uncle Rainbow", one of the Uncle Sam statues that had been assailed by unknown parties in recent days, was recovered-----in Mechanicville. The perp hasn't been caught, though, but now a motive is beginning to come into focus.

As I wrote earlier this week in designating the "John Doe"s responsible for the attacks on the statues as Weasels of the Week, one idea might be that these irresponsible people might be looking to see what they can score by selling the head for scrap metal. The missing head was found unattended and returned to Troy on Thursday. It's now in the hands of the Police, which will hold it for evidence until this case finally closes, likely with the thief being foolish enough to return and try to reclaim his "prize".

What the thief needs, though, is to be brought before a public----very public, I might add---forum to explain himself, the better to dissuade future copycats.

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, word comes down the pike that WB has cast their new Batman for a proposed feature, due in 2015 that would serve as a sequel to this year's "Man of Steel". Henry Cavill will return as Superman, but taking over as the Dark Knight? Wouldja believe------Ben Affleck?

10 years ago, Affleck was cast in "Daredevil", with future wife Jennifer Garner as Elektra, and subsequently getting a spin-off movie of her own 2 years later. As I recall, "Daredevil" wasn't exactly the box office smash Marvel was looking for. Then again, they didn't do too well with their first big screen "Hulk", as Ang Lee's reimagining flopped badly as well. You'd think that would sour casting directors on giving Affleck another shot at a comic book movie, but then, this is an industry that rewarded writer Akiva Goldsman with an Oscar ("A Beautiful Mind") after Goldsman and Joel Schumacher nearly ruined the Bat-franchise. Go figure..........


magicdog said...

I don't think it's so bad that Affleck is going to be Batman. I thought he did fine in "Daredevil", which IMO wasn't a bad film. I've seen way worse superhero flicks!

Remember all the huff & guff Michael Keaton got for being selected as Batman back in '89? He made it work better than I thought he could.

hobbyfan said...

Affleck just needs a script that actually allows him to define himself as Batman, but we'll see.