Thursday, June 5, 2014

As the mourning parade passes by..........

They say death often comes in threes. In the course of the past week, it certainly has.

Award winning poet Maya Angelou passed over the weekend. The New York Daily News' front page headline the other day referred to Angelou as an "Angel of Harlem". Taking this in mind, we dedicate U2's 1988 hit, "Angel of Harlem", from the movie "Rattle & Hum", to Ms. Angelou:

I was hoping to find something other than a movie clip, but this was all that was available on YouTube.

On Wednesday, baseball lost one of its most enduring personalities. Don Zimmer, who spent more than 65 years in the game as a player, coach, manager, and executive, passed away at 83. Zimmer was Joe Torre's bench coach during the Yankees' last dynasty, which saw them appear in 6 World Series in 8 years, winning 4. His last job was as a senior advisor for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Finally, Ann B. Davis, whose television career consists mostly of two memorable supporting characters, left us. Well before she was cast as housekeeper Alice Nelson on The Brady Bunch (1969-74) and its subsequent sequels (save perhaps for the ill-fated variety show), Davis plays Charmaine Schultz, or, "Schultzy", on The Bob Cummings Show, also known as Love That Bob.

In this clip, Alice and Carol (Florence Henderson) have to deal with Peter (Christopher Knight) and his sudden obsession with Humphrey Bogart:

Rest in peace.

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