Sunday, June 29, 2014

Classic TV: The Prisoner (1967)

The Prisoner lasted just 1 season, but it was enough to merit it cult status.

There are those who dispute the idea that Prisoner was created as a follow-up to Patrick McGoohan's previous series, Danger Man (known as Secret Agent in the US), a collaborative effort between the star and writer George Markstein. Markstein, it seems, intended for the title character, code-named Number 6, to be, in fact, John Drake, but that's been debated for nearly 50 years, and nothing since, not even a comic book adaptation by Dean Motter for DC, or a miniseries produced 5 years ago for A & E and starring Jim Caviezel (currently on Person of Interest), has resolved the issue.

This much we know. A retired secret agent (McGoohan) has left his agency and is preparing for vacation, unaware that he's been followed. Knockout gas is pumped into his apartment, and he wakes up in someplace known simply as "The Village". Escape is nigh impossible, thanks to a balloon-like entity, Rover, who either recaptures or kills escapees. George Orwell would've loved this.

Here's the intro:

Wack, man.

Rating: B.


magicdog said...

Always liked this show - but I have always HATED the ending. It never made much sense and made the rest of the show seem pointless. It was like someone thought they were so smart and edgy by having it playout as it did. Personally, I thought it was a cop out.

hobbyfan said...

It's like McGoohan had something to say, said it, and left it. Never saw the remake, though.