Saturday, June 21, 2014

Videos of Summer: First Day of Summer (1984)

Tony Carey exploded onto the scene 30 years ago with the album, "Some Tough City", the first single of which, "Fine, Fine Day", got heavy airplay on MTV and radio. The follow-up, "First Day of Summer", was played quite a bit more on radio.

Seeing as how this is the 1st day of summer on the calendar, this would be appropriate, don't you think?


magicdog said...

I remember "Fine Fine Day", but for some reason I can't recall this tune.

Personally, I think of The Jamies tune, "Summertime" from 1958 as one of the beginning of summer themes. Along with every surf music song ever recorded! And Nat King Cole's "Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer" of course. Odd considering these were all hits long before I was born!

hobbyfan said...

If I can find videos of those songs you mentioned, they'll be up, you can count on it.

"First Day of Summer", as I noted, got more radio airplay than MTV airplay for some reason. Seems the hair bands were starting to take over around that time, despite Columbia/Epic's big guns of the period (Springsteen, MJ, Billy Joel, and, yes, Cyndi Lauper).