Monday, June 23, 2014

Videos of Summer: Macarena (1996)

Los del Rio had actually recorded "Macarena" as early as 1993, but the song took off like a runaway rocket three years later, thanks to a Miami DJ.

The resulting revamp of "Macarena", with the remix credited to the Bayside Boys, hit #1 on the Hot 100. Take a close look at the ladies in the video, and you'll find future sitcom star Tracie Ellis Ross (later of Girlfriends). Hey, I didn't know until I did the research!

"Macarena" was SO hot, they set a record for the largest group demonstration of the dance at, of all places, Yankee Stadium. I kid you not. Los del Rio also produced a Christmas version of the song. I'll see if I can find that come December.


magicdog said...

I always liked it - it was a harmless song, and I've danced to it at a wedding or three.

Unfortunately no one plays it here. It was banned. The local radio stations took and poll and agreed to ban Macarena from playing ever again! What's up with the haters? No one would ban YMCA or the Twist now would they?

hobbyfan said...

What was the rationale for the ban, anyway?

magicdog said...

Supposedly people thought it was overplayed to the exclusion of better rock tunes. Last I checked, there's always at least one song that gets a ton of airplay to the exclusion of other tunes. Pharrell's song "Happy" (a song I enjoy immensely) being but one.

hobbyfan said...

What? They'd rather have equal airplay for everyone? A nice idea to have, admittedly, but you don't censor a hot song just because it gets overplayed.