Friday, June 27, 2014

Dunce Cap Award: Ann Coulter

"Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay."--Ann Coulter, 6/25/14.

Apparently, Ms. Coulter never played the game, and doesn't understand its global appeal.

Moral decay? Has she lost her mind? 

Personal note: I played one year of soccer at a private academy in North Troy. It was the school's 1st year of sports, and we only played in 2--basketball being the other. Our team did better at soccer than at hoops, let's put it that way. I played fullback, and didn't get much credit. So you'd understand my taking offense to Ms. Coulter's lame remarks. Has she not heard of Pele? Giorgio Chinaglia? There are professional soccer leagues in this country, with some of the players in those leagues participating in the current World Cup tournament.

Leave it to Ann Coulter to put her foot in her mouth and expose herself as being ignorant about one of the world's most popular sports. Maybe she should get together with those other short-fused blowhards, Donald Trump & Alec Baldwin. Whomever runs out of hot air first loses. Wouldn't that be fun?

Suffice it to say, Ann Coulter earned herself a Dunce Cap this week. Throwing cold water on this country's advancement in the tournament only proves the only game she knows how to play is tiddly-winks, if that.


Samuel Wilson said...

The reasons she gives are fascinating. Out of nine listed reasons, three have to do with the lack of possibility for personal humiliation through individual failure. Never mind that soccer fans once murdered a Colombian goalie for giving up an own-goal to the U.S. -- this tells us something important about Ann Coulter.

hobbyfan said...

That she's dumber than a bag of soccer balls, Sam? We knew that already! Apparently, she's forgotten what a team sport is.

magicdog said...

The soccer fans did the murder as a TEAM effort. Hence, Coulter's point is legitimate.

I have noticed that Soccer has always been most popular in communist/socialist countries and cultures. It is an easy game to play - but scoring can take forever in a professional game. I had always viewed as a little kids game - until they're big enough to play tougher sports like American football or baseball. Soccer has never even been a particularly popular sport in the US. Only now, any interest generated is most definitely due to the influx of Mexicans and other Latin immigrants.

I may not always agree with Coulter, but she's hit the mark on this one.

hobbyfan said...

Bear in mind that what those fans did resulted from a combination of 1) being excessively drunk, 2) national pride shattered, and 3) an obsessive need to punish a player for a bad job. Yo, Sam, were those fans prosecuted, or did they get away?