Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Musical Interlude: Sweet City Woman (1971)

Like, good day, eh? The Stampeders are known here in the US for only one big hit, 1971's "Sweet City Woman", which topped out at #8, while going all the way to #1 in their native Canada. Yeah, bet you didn't know, eh? Once you discover the band's really from Canada, it's easy to deduce that they got their name from the famous Calgary Stampede.

Anyway, here's "Sweet City Woman".


magicdog said...

Always loved this tune - I still catch it on the radio from time to time.

Never knew the band's name or that they were Canadian! Sweet love songs mentioning macaroons can't be all bad can they?

hobbyfan said...

Not at all. When was the last time anyone wanted coconut macaroons around here anyway?