Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Might've Been: Camp Runamuck (1965)

With summer right around the corner, I thought we'd get into the mood with a whimsical comedy set at summer camp.

Camp Runamuck ran for 1 season (1965-6) on NBC, opposite Screen Gems' stablemate The Flintstones, which was entering its final season for Hanna-Barbera & ABC, and another newcomer, The Wild, Wild West on CBS. What it all boiled down to was a juvenile battle of the sexes between two summer camps, one for boys, the other for girls.

I will acknowledge not seeing much of this show, even when it was revived in reruns several years later, first on Nickelodeon, then on Comedy Central. Me-TV missed the boat by not adding this show for its Summer of Me promotion this month.

After the series ended, some of the stars moved on to better things. Dave Ketchum, for example, joined the cast of Get Smart as Agent 13. Hermoine Baddeley would not land another series gig until the mid-70's, when she joined the cast of Maude. Leonard Stone became a prolific character actor, appearing frequently on Dragnet, among others. Of course you know that Dave Madden would return on The Partridge Family 4 years after Runamuck ended.

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