Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Modern Classic: Silk Stalkings (1991)

I don't think the lone survivor of the Law & Order franchise, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, would've gotten off the ground if creator Dick Wolf hadn't seen Stephen J. Cannell's Silk Stalkings, which for all intents & purposes covered similar, if not also repetitive, ground.

Silk Stalkings started as a late-night entry on CBS in 1991, but beginning with season 3 moved to USA Network, where it thrived for the final seven seasons of its run. The series made stars out of its initial leads, Mitzi Kapture & Rob Estes, who both left after the fourth season. Comedians John Byner (2 seasons) and Charlie Brill were in the supporting cast, playing dramatic roles. Chris Potter (ex-Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) was brought in midway through season six when the initial replacements for Kapture & Estes proved to be unpopular with viewers.

Here's the open:

Not sure, seeing as how I haven't scoped out Cloo lately, if it's airing there these days, though you'd think it would. Any other cabler not owned by NBC-Universal-Comcast could pick it up and market it as a precursor to Law & Order: SVU, which it really is.

Rating: B.

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