Thursday, December 17, 2015

Weasel of the Week: Gilbert Arenas

It's been five years or better since Gilbert Arenas last played in the NBA. More recently, Arenas, who played for Washington & Golden State, among others, while in the NBA, was plying his trade in China.

So what gives him the license to make lame remarks like he did about the WNBA, which will mark its 20th anniversary next year?

Here's the deal. Arenas reportedly posted on Instagram a picture of two women playing one-on-one basketball in their underwear (i.e. bras & panties), and suggested that this is how the WNBA should function. The reaction was swift and angry, not just from the WNBA, which, of course, is a short-season league, but also Arenas' former brethren in the NBA.

Arenas left the NBA 5 years ago after he was suspended for half a year for carrying weapons. This latest controversy won't heal any old wounds he may have left behind, but did he really think people were going to respond favorably to his crap? I mean, come on! For this reason, Arenas gets the daily double of dubious distinction, a Dunce Cap and a set of Weasel ears.

And if he doesn't get the point, maybe he should ask someone who knows about being both a Weasel and a Dunce. You know, like Stephen A. Smith, professional idiot.

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