Monday, December 14, 2015

When MTV actually meant something: The Basement Tapes (1983)

Back in the early days of MTV, the network began taking a look at up & coming bands that were looking to land record deals. The suits figured, we can do this, but let's soak the viewers by hooking them up with a 900 line (meaning they were paying to vote) to vote for their favorite unsigned bands.

The Basement Tapes lasted, I think, four years (1983-6), ending when the original VJs were being phased out. The series aired in late night on, I think, Sundays, for a few weeks a year during the summer. Cute as a button Martha Quinn was the host, and often went on location, such as in this 1986 episode, co-hosted, literally, by Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen, since this episode originates from his Illinois home.

No rating. I never stayed up late enough to watch.

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